PATRICK MAVROS Exhibition 2021

This is a selection of original paintings which are going into my forthcoming Exhibition at Patrick Mavros.  Please come and see the full exhibition hanging - 20 -25th September

All the works on paper are beautifully framed and show off each individual painting.  The size includes the mount and frame.  I have uploaded 4 framed paintings at the bottom of this page to show you how they look. 

Please message me if you would like to see any works framed and I can send you an image. 

Some oils have not been framed but can be framed on request after the exhibition.

The prices include 20 % VAT.  Delivery charges will be extra.

10% of original painting sales will go to Lewa and Borana Conservancies in Kenya.  The money will go directly to support wildlife and the surrounding communities. 

I look forward to showing you this selection of new work.

'Evening view'

Watercolour 75 x 84cm £4,950

'Elephant Family'

Mixed media 71 x 114cm £4,700

'Wild dog grasses'

Watercolour 58 x 62cm £2,200

'Flamingo Waters'

Watercolour 49 x 80cm SOLD

'Gentle grazer'

Watercolour 48 x 59cm £1,600

'Coconut palms'

Pen and wash 44 x 45cm £895

'Coconut basket'

Oil on canvas 88 x 60cm £4,900

'Kerala harvest'

Pen and wash 57 x 46cm £890

'Palm trees'

Oil on canvas 88 x 70cm £4,900

'English Partridge'

Watercolour 40 x 45cm £790

'Open wings'

Watercolour 96 x 56cm £3,100

'Tiger Territory'

Mixed media 74 x 113cm £4,200

'TIger siesta'

Watercolour 57 x 57cm £1,600

'Tawny Owl'

Watercolour 57 x 49cm SOLD

'Barn Owl'

Watercolour 57 x 49cm £1,550

'Open plains'

Mixed media 82 x 82cm £2,900

'Rhino territory'

Mixed media 84 x 70cm £2,950

'Grevy Zebra'

Oil on canvas 96 x 70cm £5,500

'Cheetah brothers'

Oil on deep canvas Not framed 60 x 90cm £4,900

'Big Tusker'

Mixed media 115 x 90cm £4,850

'Jumping Waves'

Pen and wash 56 x 55cm £950

'Look at me!'

Pen and wash 56 x 55cm £950

'To the village'

Pen and wash with bronze leaf 46 x 38cm £750

'Family bond'

Mixed media 55 x 59cm £2,800

'Cheetah grasses'

Oil on Canvas 39 x 49cm £2,490


Pen and wash 45 x 55cm £890

'Keeping watch'

Pen and wash 45 x 42cm SOLD

'Feeding time'

Pen and watercolour 43 x 54cm £1,100

'End of the day'

Pen and wash 45 x 42cm SOLD

'Kingfisher banks'

Oil on linen Unframed 40 x 20cm SOLD

'On the river'

Oil on linen Unframed 40 x 20cm £1,650

'Kerala boats'

Pastel 39 x 48cm £700

'Kerala rivers'

Pen and watercolour 44 x 56cm £700

'Secretary birds'

Pen and wash 51 x 46cm £790

'Blue splash'

Oil on linen 27 x 20cm £775

'Morning trot'

Oil on linen 27 x 20cm £775

'Elephant parade'

Watercolour 69 x 103cm £4,800

'Eyes on you'

Mixed media 86 x 72cm £3,650

'Leopard tree'

Watercolour and charcoal 91 x 59cm £4,700

'Morning chorus'

Watercolour 63 x 57cm £1,590

'Graceful run'

Watercolour 43 x 56cm £995

'Leopard siesta'

Watercolour and charcoal 66 x 120cm £4,950

'Village Life'

Pen and wash 55 x 45cm £1,100

'My pets'

Pastel 36 x 40cm £700

'Gingham cloak'

Pen and wash 50 x 42cm £825

'Elephant vision'

Oil on canvas 68 x 83cm £4,100

'Stunning male'

Watercolour 53 x 56cm £1,650

'Mother and young'

Watercolour 53 x 56cm £1,650

'Out in the bush'

Oil on deep canvas Unframed 76 x 50cm £3,650

'Keeping watch'

Watercolour 54 x 54cm £1,550

'Cheetah territory'

Oil on Canvas 60 x 50cm £4,100

'Gorilla sketches'

Pen and wash 39 x 47cm £790

'On Watch'

Pen and Wash 22 x 30cm SOLD

'In the forest'

Pen and wash 43 x 48cm £750

'Majestic male'

Oil on canvas 96 x 70 cm £5,500

'Mara Rains'

Mixed Media 50 x 100cm £4000

'Ostrich parade'

Mixed media 109 x 71cm £2,990

'Hippo rivers'

Oil on canvas Unframed 20 x 20cm £690

'Pink waters'

Oil on canvas unframed 25 x 20cm £690

'Evening sun'

Oil on canvas Unframed 20 x 20cm £690

'In the woods'

Oil on Canvas Unframed 20 x 20cm £690

'Cross country'

Oil on canvas Unframed 20 x 20cm £690