Paintings For Sale

A large selection of new paintings for my solo exhibition will be added to my website before the exhibition which starts on the 20th September.

I will let you know via my newsletter.   

A gallery of work for sale — All mounted and framed.

For general or sales enquiries, please contact me by email or telephone.


SOLD Barn Owl

Watercolour 40 x 30cm

Waterhole Outing

Mixed Media 50 x 66cm SOLD

'Mara Rains'

Mixed Media 50 x 100cm SOLD

'On Watch'

Pen and Wash 22 x 30cm SOLD

Turtle Reef

18 x 21" Watercolour £895

Elephant Surf

Pen and Wash 33 x 33cm £850

Girl Racer

SOLD Watercolour 6 x 30cm


SOLD Pen and Wash 40 x 30cm £700

Morning Watch

SOLD Pen & Wash 7.5 x 11.5

Shady Territory

Pen & Wash 7.5 x 11.5” £650

SOLD — Time Out

Pen and Wash 38 x 34cm

SOLD — Hide Out

Pen and Wash 38 x 34cm

Hairy Duo

Pen and Wash 12.5 x 8.5″

Long Lashes

Pen and Wash 12 x 8″

SOLD Winter Haze

Watercolour 14.5 x 27″

Sandy Tracks

Pen and Wash 20 x 35cm £500


SOLD Mixed Media 48 x 60cm £1900

Watering Hole

Pen and Watercolour 12.5 x 8.5″ £450

Family Outing

Mixed Media 13 x 34” £1750

On The Prowl

SOLD Pen and Wash 20 x 35cm

Morning Light

Watercolour 40 x 58cm

Family Bond

Watercolour 69 x 81cm


Watercolour £2100

At Dusk

Pen and Wash 52 x 67cm £800

SOLD — Lion Cub

Watercolour 30 x 40cm

Pink Legs

Pen and Wash 64 x 46cm it is on an off white background. £750

Pink Waters

Pen and Wash 46 x 64cm £750

SOLD Goldfinch

Pen and Wash 20 x 20cm

SOLD Chaffinch

Pen and Wash 20 x 20cm

pygmy kingfisher

Pen and wash 15 x 16" £595

Elephant Brigade

SOLD Large mixed media

Young Energy

SOLD Oil On Canvas 30 x 24"

Watering Hole

Watercolour 49 x 50cm £800

Double Trouble

Watercolour 23 x 46cm £595

Rocket Fuel

SOLD Oil On Canvas 76 x 51cm

Water Babies

Oil On Canvas 30 x 24" £1,400

Elephant Stroll

SOLD Oil on Canvas 40 x 24"

SOLD - Hula Hoop

Pen and Wash 16 x 12”

Young Rhino

Watercolour SOLD

Snow Plough

£400 Watercolour 10x 12”

Off To Market

Pen and Wash £695

Festive Trio

Watercolour £1200

Crisp Morning

Watercolour handmade frame

Blue Racer

SOLD Watercolour 11 x 7″

At Dusk

Mixed Media 15 x 26″ £1200

In The Meadows

Pen and Wash 23 x 40cm £650


22 x 18" £650